The body is sculpted through the technology of weaser, which is the latest technology to remove fat and eliminate the local obesity

The technique is known as dynamic body sculpting or quadrilateral body sculpting
The physiotherapy technique uses an ultrasound system that allows the breakdown of fat at the level of the deep layers, even the surface, and by targeting with extreme accuracy and optionally

Which makes it one of the most impressive points of admiration where you can differentiate between tissues This technique targeted fat cells to break and remove while maintaining other tissues of the body such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue
The energy produced by ultrasound stimulates collagen in the layers of the skin and urges it to shrink, which helps to tighten the skin to a high degree, in addition to the ability of the device to get closer to the skin to move the layer of fat under it and make it thicker and achieve better skin lift
Thus, the muscular appearance of the men and the flowing shape of the women are achieved by bending after the excess fat layers have been eliminated, which was blurring the shape of the preferred texture. Also, the appearance of the skin was considered taut without dilution.