Neck tightening surgery to tighten skin and subcutaneous tissue
(Wrinkles, folds of skin, fat, etc.)
Thinning surgery can be done as part of or without a facelift because it is partially linked to it and removes excess fat and tightens the neck muscles
The skin is tightened in the neck and under the jaw line and chin

Modern procedures are progressing at the same extreme low level of surgery that takes shorter periods and faster healing times
Leading to a result and a significant improvement in the neck
Without the need for extensive cosmetic dissection, which usually requires traditional facelifts and this procedure is less expensive than operations in the face of a large extent

The edge of the loose neck muscle is also determined and pulled back
The excess skin behind the ear is removed to hide the incision and usually the procedure is performed in half the time allotted to the facelift
The patient is recovered within two weeks in the near term and can return to work after the first week of the appearance of minor bruises