Cosmetic surgery of the chin:

Plastic surgery may be performed on the large or small chin in order to look more harmonious with the face. In the case of chin augmentation, a certain amount of silicone is implanted to extend and beautify the shape of the chin until it is consistent with facial features.

The surgery is performed entirely using local anesthesia and may take one hour.

The chin augmentation process is usually performed to achieve consistency with other facial features. The combination of plastic surgery for both the nose and the chin will provide an ideal balance between facial features.

Plastic surgery chin size:

The procedure begins with an incision inside the mouth or outside the chin. The benefit of a procedure (the incision from the inside of the mouth) is that it completely avoids the patient’s exposure to an external wound; note that, however, it is difficult to see the outer wound under the chin after healing the wound.

The small size of the chin can be overcome by cosmetic surgery, by implantation of a silicon supplement made from silicon or from material taken from the patient’s own body. The chin can also be lengthened by sliding it down. The chin bones are cut and then fastened with a titanium tablet.

If medical fillings are made of silicone material, a small surgical opening is performed under the chin and the appropriate filling is selected for the patient.

Sometimes the surgeon uses the patient’s own bones. He performs many surgical incisions at the bottom of the chin bones, pulls the slides forward, and then installs them in the new location.