Benefits of the cruise in the summer

Summer is the period of suffering of many of the sun and high temperature, especially in the Gulf during this period may face several problems on how to care skin and hair.

Face skin is exposed to sunburn and sunburn directly in the summer, especially in the resorts and the presence at noon on the beach.

Which may cause the skin burns double the exposure to the sun in normal days away from the sea vapor and humidity, which can occur severe burns body skin avoid.

Although going to the sea in the summer may be a good way to get rid of stress and work problems and daily burdens, but it can cause severe burns to the skin, especially with sensitive skin.

The variety of aesthetic benefits of the sea trip in the summer, which is a good opportunity to peel the skin with a natural peel helps to renew and improve the appearance of skin remove the dead skin accumulated to get rid of cellulite, and to get rid of the roughness of the feet.

Skin exposure to sea and sun vapor is harmful to the skin without referring to the specialist, which may expose the skin to several burns and change the color of the skin for at least three weeks until it returns to its natural color.

Exposing the skin to the heat of the sun and sea vapor in the summer causes dryness of the skin, which in turn leads to the loss of many of the natural oils in the skin and lack of vitality and attractiveness.

Many of the health benefits of movement on the sands and spend a long time helps to get rid of tension and discharge the body from negative electric charges.

A good opportunity to reduce the renewal of skin cells and acne and get vitamin D, get rid of cellulite, which helps rub sand on the skin by reducing the effects of cellulite, and the fatty clusters caused by cellulite, especially in the buttocks.

Insufficient awareness of the visit of beauty centers and the treatment methods under the supervision of a doctor is a harmful methods of skin without reference to the doctor as the beauty doctor is able to conduct such practices accurately.

* Sunburn for summer skin and best treatment methods:

Laser treatment is one of the latest technologies. The laser works to treat the effects of sunburn by removing the damaged and dyed skin cells in the face and repairing the affected part of the skin. Laser peeling improves the quality and texture of the skin and gives it a more vibrant and fresh color.

The time required by the laser session depends on the size of the affected area, The patient is discharged on the same day, and the patient feels no pain other than sunburn, which is very light.

The doctor determines the number of sessions required, effects of laser peeling may occur in the form of skin swelling and redness, as well as sensitivity to the sun, and the scars appear on the face, these are all secondary symptoms that will go after a short period.

* The most important guidelines for skin care during travel and resort:

– Use sunscreen constantly when you go out to the sea, with renewed every two hours.

– Take care of skin care products, such as skin lotion, moisturizer and eye cream.

– Avoid placing cosmetics during exposure to the sun at the time of the resort.

– Always use lip moisturizer during the summer period as well as in normal days and is useful to protect against dehydration and cracking.

– Use sunglasses all day to protect your eyes from the scorching sun.

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