Twelve conversion process

In the modern era, attention has been paid to dieting for the loss of excess weight due to hereditary reasons or obsessive eating or eating habits, after the failure of diet attempts, a specific diet and the difference in the effectiveness of each process according to the patient’s condition and the amounts of excess weight to be disposed of, Therefore, the patient should choose the exact surgery that suits his condition under the supervision of the doctor to achieve the desired result.

* The conversion of the path of the twelve cut part of the small intestine and is through:

Cutting the stomach and the process of quantifying the stomach and then turn the course of the twelfth and pancreas by separating the twelve and rearrange the small intestine so that absorption by the last centimeter in the intestines, which reduces the increase of absorption and thus the stability of weight.

* What is the significance of the process of transforming the Twelve?

Gastric bypass is one of the fastest and most effective methods of weight reduction, weight and maintain it for life if the patient adheres to the daily routine and improves the overall health of the person, and reduce the possibility of heart disease or diabetes.

* How is surgery performed?

This procedure does not require any incision in the body, it is done by using a surgical telescope that is inserted into the stomach through small openings that do not exceed 1 cm per hole, the doctor divides the stomach into two parts, one upper, which is in the form of a small pocket Not exceeding the capacity of 30 ml, which is connected with a part of the small intestine, knowing that the other part of the minute is linked to the twelve, this step works to pass food directly and quickly to the intestine without any secretions of the stomach or intestine, Which reduces absorption of food.

* The most important advantages of 12-lane loading surgery? And why it is considered the strongest and best surgery to get rid of obesity?

Because it absorbs one-third of the fat consumed by humans, which causes obesity, which is one of the best operations to control obesity, any weight gain, and the surgery to absorb sugars and fats by 95%, especially for patients with diabetes and pressure.

When the 12 are cut, there is no more food accumulation in the stomach because some of the 12 pieces have already been cut and therefore the food is no longer passed until the patient eats as if he has not eaten or gained excess weight.

The greatest advantage of the 12-lane process is its ability to maintain long-term lost weight, unlike other obesity surgeries, most of which are associated with long-term weight gain.

* Contraindications of the conversion process of the Twelve:

– The patient’s health condition does not qualify him for surgery.
– The patient suffers from severe mental disorder.
– Diabetics until the sugar level is regulated.
– Thyroid patient until the hormone is regulated.
– If the patient is pregnant.
– The patient is addicted to alcohol or drugs.
– The patient suffers from stomach ulcers.
– The patient suffers from anemia.
– The patient is unable to adhere to the lifestyle required after the operation, endangering his life due to malnutrition and lack of vitamins.

Q: Many obese people have questions about the best obesity and weight loss, which is better gastric toning or turning the duodenum?

– Stomach dilution leads to a reduction in the appetite of the patient significantly, by cutting part of the stomach, but does not fit the habits of patients who love eating sugars of all kinds and soft drinks.
– Gastric bypass is suitable for obese patients who have a craving for large amounts of sugars, while gastric immobilization is more suitable for patients who are addicted to carbohydrates, fast food and preserved foods.
– The rate of satiety is very fast with the quantification of the stomach, and less with the conversion of the stomach path, and the body needs complementary vitamins or compensatory and elements that build the body, calcium and iron significantly after the conversion of the stomach, does not need those elements with the quantification of the stomach.

Both surgery is performed through the binoculars, and is suitable for obese patients who weigh more than 35 kg above their ideal weight or with weights above 120 kg, However, weight loss with patients over the age of 50 who have a burning rate is faster than Gastric bypass of gastric amputation.

The amount of food eaten by the patient decreases with the surgery, because each leads to a small size of the stomach, the conversion of the stomach helps diabetics to recover from 80 to 100%, while the stomach quantification of the treatment of diabetes patients to a lower rate.

Today, the Twelve Conversion Surgery is carried out by nearly half of the small intestine. Leaving this part of the length of the intestine helps absorb nutrients and reduces the risk of a person’s exposure to vitamin or protein deficiencies while achieving maximum loss of weight safely, However, if you are considering this process as a way to treat diabetes or to get rid of your excess weight over the long term, you must be very committed to fully complying with a certain set of vitamins and protein every day for the rest of your life, this is crucial to help you maintain vitamins Protein and adequate nutrition.

* How long does the surgery last?

Surgery takes about an hour to two hours, this keeps the patient in the hospital for only two days.

* How is Twelve Transformation Surgery done?

By using laparoscopy through five small incisions in the abdomen, laparoscopic surgery requires a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, and soon the wounds of the obese patient heal and can leave the hospital two days later.

* Postoperative convalescence (surgical outcome):

However, doctors use a variety of strategies to reduce pain until it is completely eliminated, such as the use of a long-acting drug that can significantly reduce postoperative pain and the need for painkillers.

According to the opinion of the largest cosmetic and surgery experts in Turkey, the obese patient should know that the operations and surgery of obesity is a good solution to help get rid of excess body kilograms and recover from diseases that affect the body due to obesity, but requires a healthy diet and balanced exercise regularly Lifestyle change and away from stress and stress certainly all this will help in reaching good results after the operation.

* What is the right age for obesity surgery?

According to international standards, obesity is performed at 18 years of age and above, However, every rule has exceptions, even if the patient is young, he or she will be able to undergo a gastric bypass surgery according to the nature of the condition.

Of the most powerful and the most important reasons to start surgery, according to the case of the patient of obesity in the case of complaints of complications such as suffocation during sleep and diabetes.

* Who are eligible to convert the Twelve?

– According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1990, individuals who are obese by 35 kg more than their normal weight and body failure to respond to the diet for six months.

– Body mass index higher than 50 means that the weight of the person ranges from 150 and above.

– Good surgery to treat diabetes.

– Supposedly, a person who underwent gastric and postoperative surgery had a weight of 120 kg and had a weight of 180 and an ideal weight of 80 kg. However, the process of gastric staining is not enough to reach ideal weight due to excessive obesity, the ideal solution after gastric immobilization is to undergo the conversion process of the female ten.

* What are the potential risks of the Twelve Process conversion process?

Many cases of obese patients are concerned about the risks of traversal:

It is a rather complicated process, but choosing a specialist has done this kind of process before, becoming a simple process that results in a major shift in the treatment of obesity and a return to normal weight.

This surgery is safe and effective in the elimination of the problem of obesity, complications that suffer from cases of people suffering from obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity is a more serious cause of all the functions of the body if not treated.

* Side effects and months of complaints suffered by patients with obesity:

– High cholesterol in the blood.
– Too much fat in the liver.
– Disturbance of female or male hormones.
– Delayed pregnancy.
– Sleep disorder.

* What are the causes of obesity (weight loss)?

– Dieting failed for 6 months and follow up with the nutritionist.
– The patient’s will.
– Do not exercise regularly and on a daily basis
– Eating the wrong diet, such as eating fatty meals at night.

* Tips for the best cosmetic doctors for those suffering from the problem of obesity and excess body relaxants:

– Do not lose weight severely through a diet so as not to cause severe skin tenderness, where it is preferred to lose the person from 5-7 km per month and not weekly.
– Regular exercise helps to tighten the entire body and prevent dilution.
– Healthy food permanently until it becomes a lifestyle.
– Consult specialized doctors as a source of information, not the Internet or friends.
– Avoid junk food.

Turkey is a guide for the best cosmetic doctors in the field of obesity surgery and weight loss.

* Dietary guidelines for obese patients after the conversion process of the twelve:

To ensure the success of the process, the patient should respond to the doctor’s instructions and take the compensatory vitamins because the process will result in cutting part of the stomach and thus less absorption of food in the body and should be after obesity surgery healthy diet while adhering to vitamins and supplements.

Stage I : In the first week after the process recommended net fluids.
– Stage II: In the second and third weeks after the operation is recommended thick and full fluids.
– Stage III: In the fourth and fifth weeks, it is recommended to eat foods that are halved or ground with a mixer.
– Stage IV: In the sixth and seventh weeks it is recommended to eat soft foods.
– Stage V: In the eighth week it is recommended to eat regular food and follow the routine of life today without concern.

The adherence of the obese patient to the diet regularly daily after the operation facilitates the return to normal life faster and recovery from obesity for life.

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