Cool Sculpting

The problem of accumulation of fat in the abdomen, especially with patients of obesity or women who have pregnancy and childbirth several times and suffer from the problem of accumulation of fat and change the form of strength and dissatisfaction with themselves.

The liposuction process is the strongest, fastest, and oldest in the field of tissue coordination, as it completely removes relatively large amounts of fat in a short time, thus affecting the number of fat cells, not just as large as the slimming machines, In reducing the size of the fat cell and shrinking, thus improving the overall shape.

Modern techniques will extract you from fat without effort, In a short time, the technique of freezing fat is one of the best techniques currently used, the easiest and quickest way to get rid of excess fat in the body quickly, It removes fatty compounds that are concentrated in areas where food systems or So exercise can help you get rid of them.

* Cool sculpting technique to freeze fat (fat reduction):

Known as cold sculpture technology, is a non-surgical treatment technique to coordinate the body and improve the strength, you freeze the accumulated fat in the body to be rid of it afterwards naturally, the technique of freezing fat to break the accumulation of fat in areas with increased fatty tissue.

The doctor will use this technique and gradually reduce the temperature until it reaches a low degree to fit the volume of fat accumulated without causing any danger to neighboring tissues also maintains the softness of the skin and the intensity and avoid the occurrence of tearing in the skin, the device remains in each region accumulate fat for no more than an hour You can then go back home and do your work in a completely natural way without having to rest, so that you deal with fat and get rid of it very effectively and give amazing results where patients can get a more attractive view and a more consistent body, in addition to the absence of any side effects or negative effects on r Of the patient is working to develop fat cells and final disposal.

* The idea of ​​working a cool sculpting technique?

Where the machine works on liposuction from each section separately for about an hour of time with a temperature of 10 under zero, in the first days after treatment, you may feel some pain, but the pain is relatively simple in the abdomen, the most sensitive body places that are difficult to work And then the pain completely disappears after two weeks, resulting from the melting of fat during this period, the patient should drink about 2 liters of water a day, to help the body to get rid of fat.

* The result of the experiences of many patients of this technique:

– Cool Sculpting has helped many restore the shape of the abdomen and the freedom to wear all kinds of clothes without worrying about the appearance of bad abdomen.

– Effective treatment for all cases of excessive fat that are difficult to get rid of diet or sports.

– Double Chin problem can be eliminated, which is a problem that is upset by a lot of undesirable appearance as well as giving a picture of a lifetime greater than the age of the real person and its negative impact on self-confidence.

* The idea of ​​the work of Cool Sculpting technology?

– Freezes fat and then decomposes fat cells and facilitates the body to get rid of them in a completely natural manner without the need to any suction of these fats or the need for any surgery, the technique to reduce the temperature gradually until it reaches a low degree to fit the volume of fat accumulated without any risk The adjacent tissue also maintains the softness of the skin and tightness does not occur in the skin.
– The device remains on every area where the fat accumulates for no more than an hour and can then return home and do your work in a completely natural way without the need for rest.
– This technique is based on the cooling and freezing of fat cells in the body and is eliminated and eliminated selectively without affecting the cells or skin or other body components, so deal with fat and get rid of them very effectively, in addition to the absence of any side effects or negative effects on health The patient works on crystallizing the fat cells.

* Technical advantages of cool sculpting:

– Cold sculpture technique is characterized by pain free and its results are guaranteed by a very large percentage.
– The elimination of fat for a long period and ensure non-return again, characterized by this technique highlights through the elimination of fat cells quietly and in the form of natural interaction in the body, effective and safe and do not need surgery.
– Easy to carry side effects after completion.
– No need for a break at all, giving you a quick return to your natural lifestyle.
– No need to use needles.
– The easiest and fastest way to get rid of excess fat in the body.
– The distance from the risks and costs of surgery.
– lack of side effects, and do not make any slit or mark or openings as happens in surgery.
– The cold sculpture technique is characterized by pain free and its results are guaranteed by a very large percentage.
– Does not cause skin sagging as the body absorbs fat gradually, helping to tighten the skin.
– Fat freeze helps to stimulate collagen that works to tighten the skin.
– A good alternative to liposuction.
– Fat freeze does not require local anesthesia or general anesthesia.
– You can exercise your routine normally after the treatment session.
– Reduction in the ratio of grease to the area where the technology is being conducted from the first session.
– The technique is performed without the need for local anesthesia and does not require surgical scarring.
– Dissolve fat from anywhere in the body in record time.

* Why use this technique?

People often try to get rid of fat through diet and exercise, but some parts of the body contain hard fats that are difficult to get rid of in traditional ways. Some people do not have time to follow diet and exercise and focus on unwanted fats. Fatty acids that can resist diet and exercise, and are found in undesirable places in the body.

It has been shown that subcutaneous fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other nearby body tissues. There are approximately 60 scientific studies and publications, more than any other similar product. Studies have shown that fat cells that are exposed to cold work over a certain period begin to contract And gradual death, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet and avoid fat-rich foods that hinder the work of technology and therefore does not give you the result you want.

* The role of the efficiency of doctors and devices in achieving good results:

The choice of devices and the efficiency of the doctor with the good selection of the case basis for the success of the meeting and the lack of symptoms, the devices are poor, with the right prices, are only machines to waste time and money, but often see expensive sessions with bad devices, the loss is doubled, Places help to make the session a success, so the doctor must be competent and skilled.

* Who are the candidates for Cool Sculpting?

People who suffer from fat accumulation in certain areas are difficult to get rid of even with diet or exercise are the best candidates for this procedure, body sculpting is well suited for people who move, because it does not require any time to wait and to recuperate after sessions, Need to undergo surgery.

* Cool Sculpting is not recommended with the following conditions:

– Not used with chronic diseases only after consultation with the doctor concerned with the situation.
– Do not use the device during pregnancy, breastfeeding and when preparing for pregnancy.
– People suffering from cold-related diseases such as Artecaria.
– Skin redness or lack of sensation or slight pain may occur on the treated area, but it quickly ends without permanent effects.
– It can not be applied to those suffering from sagging and relaxation significantly without the presence of a group of fats as the area targeted by this technique are fat cells.

* How many sessions do you get for good results using Cool Sculpting?

Each session takes between 30 – 60 minutes depending on the area where the fat is to be dissolved, In the first few minutes, you will feel cold and slightly disturbed.

A cold body sculpting session takes half an hour and the full results are shown within 8 weeks, The patient usually needs two sessions to get the desired results.

There is a noticeable decrease in fat after one treatment session. A person may need several sessions to get the ideal shape, at least a balanced lifestyle and at least walking should be followed to ensure that the results persist. Continuing carelessness may cause problems, topical obesity for long term appearance.

After the treatment session, the fat-free zone is usually red and somewhat numb, but these symptoms disappear quickly.

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