Plastic surgery for knees

The knee area reveals the real age of women just like the skin of the neck and the wrinkle of the knees or the conglomerate of fat is a problem faced by many women, so they think of anti-aging treatments to get rid of those wrinkles and the knee is the most important parts that affect the beauty of the legs In general, cosmetic medicine is the basis for obtaining an attractive and graceful body and the many cosmetic operations of the knee in terms of techniques used and methods of treatment and results, all subject to the experience and vision of plastic surgeon on the appropriate process for each person according to the nature of the situation.

* The most important reasons for knee surgery?

– Pressure on the knee permanently exposing it to sagging.

– Exposure to pregnancy and childbirth and the appearance of aliasing in the legs and cellulite.

– Age is exposed to the skin of the knee skin of the nails and wrinkles.

– High fat percentage may lead to what is known as roughness of the knee, the higher the body mass increases the load on the cartilage of the knees and increased pain in the knees in the practice of simple movements or hiking or climbing the ladder and also when carrying some weights, even if the light rate It is normal but it is a high pressure on the knee in obese body owners.

* Natural home knee beautification method:

– Peeling is a very important step to keep in mind. If you want to get rid of the knee wrinkles, you should peel and scrub the area with the problem weekly and keep it moisturized daily after peeling to ensure the best results. Also advised to use a bath brush or scrape peeling, These are great tools you can use to massage your skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

– Massage the knee by gently pressing it with your fingertips and circular motion. If you want to get the best results, it is important to focus well on each knee, massage them well for 3 minutes to remove dead skin cells to encourage regeneration of skin cells.

– Moisturizing If you want to get rid of your knees, this should be one of your priorities. Once you have finished bathing, dry your body with a towel, then put a strong moisturizer on the entire knee area and choose your preferred moisturizing product. Here you put it in the morning and evening before going to bed, and you can also tie a cotton cloth around the knee to hold the moisture inside.

* Treatment of blacks and knee whitening methods:

– lemon blend and coconut oil:

How to use: Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of coconut oil, divide the mixture into two sections so that each section is placed on a towel wet with hot water, put each towel on the knee and leave for a quarter of an hour, wash the knees well, and repeat the process daily until the disposal of the black knees.

– Salt mix with olive oil:

Olive oil is an effective oil on the skin, giving it softness and incorporating many skin care creams. This mixture is made by mixing olive oil with salt and rubbing the knees daily for a week, then massage the area with glycerin to get the desired softness. .

– Mix turmeric and honey:

How to use: Mix 3 tablespoons turmeric + 2 tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of milk, then put the mixture on the knee and leave for half an hour with a massage well, wash the knee with lukewarm water.

* Exercises to tighten the knees and tighten the legs fully:

You should first lie on the ground and lift your knees up, and also be sure to be the muscles of the thigh at the angle of 90 degrees start to tighten the right leg and the individual with the toe pointing to the ceiling with the rest of the other leg in the same starting position, and then return the right leg to the starting position and repeat Same process with other leg, make sure to repeat that process daily.

Regular exercise regularly strengthens the muscles, especially the leg muscles, increases the strength of the hamstrings, and gives the joints flexibility.

* Healthy diet:

A healthy balanced diet with enough water to drink can range from 2 to 3 liters a day. It contributes well if you want to get rid of knee wrinkles. Therefore, we recommend a diet based on a variety of nutrients from carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. This is a good way to provide your body with the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients it needs to maintain its shape and keep your skin flexible for a longer time and ensures that the knee wrinkle faded forever.

• The importance of liposuction is in accordance with the advice of the best cosmetic surgeons in Turkey, to improve the shape of the external knee and the treatment of lumps and swellings of the knee, and thus liposuction accumulated around the knee is the best solution for better visibility.

* Liposuction process Knee:

Liposuction is performed on the inner part of the knee where fat accumulates, and a slight suction can be performed at the top of the knee while avoiding suction from the outside of the knee. To give a nice appearance to the knee, we sometimes need to inject fat around the knee, especially when the knee is thin. The knee has an important aesthetic appearance of the shape of the legs.

* How long is the operation?

The operation takes from one to two hours depending on the patient’s condition and the appropriate technique.

* What instructions should the patient follow after the procedure?

– Avoid going out for at least a week.

– Be careful to wear compression socks for two weeks after the operation.

– Avoid exposing the area that has undergone surgery to water to allow the doctor to do so.

– Taking care to put ointments and anti-scars, which helps to heal the wound quickly.

* Non-surgical methods of knee beautification:

Laser Technology:
This technique is based on the removal of the old skin layer and disposal, which allows the production of a new layer of skin be healthy, taking into account the basic color of the skin. Skin peeling is preceded by a skin preparation session designed to peeling, nourishing the skin with vitamins and using sunscreen to help skin build new skin.

* Solve the problems of scars, creams, liposuction, swelling, and laser knee sagging:

– Treatment of laser knee scars:
The laser beam beam is directed over the knee scar and the surrounding area. The intense concentrated light energy can remove the outer skin layer and give it a better new look. After treatment, the skin layer will be slowly redone and the scar will appear more harmonious in color and texture. Natural collagen growth is activated under the skin layer.

– Laser Knee Peeling:
The laser skin peels to lighten the color, unify the skin and make it smooth. Eliminate aliasing and cellulite varies according to the skin and color. Dark color requires more sessions than light color, making the darkest women most affected by increasing the costs of consecutive sessions that pass to the skin for good results.

– Laser Knee Sculpture:
The laser is used under the local anesthetic, and then a small incision is made by a millimeter or two, which will then fade. The local anesthetic is injected into the incision, and then a small needle is inserted in the same place containing the laser fibers. , After which most of the fat is suctioned.

– Fat injection for treatment of knee skin sagging:
It uses a fat injection technique that fills the blanks under the skin, giving it a tight look and thus eliminating the annoying wrinkles and wrinkles that distort the appearance of the leg.

* The most important tips for a longer healthy life to ride without problems:

– The practice of jumping rope by day for ten minutes equivalent to half an hour of jogging sport which is good for weight loss.

– Trying to lose weight in general leads to reduced loads on the knee joint so should reduce carbohydrates and fats and the proliferation of vegetables and fruits.

– Avoid standing for long periods and the rise and fall of stairs because this increases the pressure on the knee joint, which increases the severity of the knee and pain, but it may be useful to tighten the skin of the knee in the case of dilution, avoid some types of erratic seating such as quadrature or sitting in the position Squatting or sitting on the ground or sitting with the leg bent down the body.

– Regular walking improves the blood circulation of the cartilage and knee tissue and strengthens the muscles but must be done without stress of the knee joint and in times of severe pain and prefer to wear sneakers during walking and as an important principle for patients with knee roughness and move and be active but avoid stress.

– Care to choose a specialist cosmetic specialist carefully and carefully helps in the success of surgery and avoid the occurrence of complications may occur during the process or after, so it is worth considering the following:

• Ensure the quality of the beauty center on the devices and techniques used, and are licensed to practice the profession or not?

• Check the history of the previous operations performed by the doctor and communicate with the previous cases and know their personal experiences with him so that you can make a right decision and offer to perform the surgery.

• To know the scientific certificates obtained by the doctor and from any universities obtained the degree of doctorate to ensure the efficiency of the surgeon and specialized on the quality of surgery.

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