Gastric balloon

The stomach is a shrinkable part, and according to the routine of the human being can work to shrink the stomach and reduce the volume of food, and the best treatment of obesity that stems from his strong patient and his determination to lose many kilograms naturally without surgical intervention.

* What is meant by stomach balloon:

Is a type of technique known for its role in weight loss, a non-surgical operation by the endoscope, where a silicone balloon filled with water or air in the stomach, which helps the patient of obesity to lose weight by reducing the amount of food and the feeling of rapid satiety is a stomach balloon factor An assistant to reduce the volume of food during a balanced diet.
Is a temporary solution and not a final treatment for obesity, but a preferred treatment recommended by many doctors to avoid obesity surgery and complications and weight loss naturally, and advised to remove the balloon from the stomach after six months and if the balloon continues in the stomach longer than this period, stomach acids and secretion destroy.

* Stomach balloon shape:

It is a small rubber bag filled with a local solution by a telescope after entering it into the stomach cavity. It has no side effects. It does not impede the body’s absorption of vitamins and minerals and does not cause anemia for children if they are developing.

* Specifications of stomach balloon:

It is recommended to choose a type that is not affected by the acids produced by the stomach so as not to explode, half the volume of the liquid balloon and half the other half is injected into the body of the obese patient.

* Laparoscopic gastric balloon surgery without surgery:

– Balloon is installed to reduce the amount of food eaten by the patient of obesity.
– Note that the first period after the development of the balloon in the stomach occurs cramps and fluctuations in the stomach.
– The stomach then accepts the balloon, and then the balloon is pulled back from the stomach by the endoscope after six months or a year depending on the type and validity of the balloon.
– It is advisable to follow up with a nutritionist for a year, so as not to increase weight again after the withdrawal of the balloon.

* The idea of ​​balloon work:

Rehabilitation of the digestive system and the subconscious through the stomach balloon to reach the patient of obesity ideal weight, and those who have weak will or who fail to follow any diet, the most appropriate surgery for obesity is the process of conversion and effects that have caused a radical change in the world of obesity and weight loss.

If there is pain in the stomach while the balloon is a sign of increased amounts of food in the stomach taken by the patient of obesity, and doctors indicate that the balloon stomach does not stop dieting and a healthy diet balanced.
It is a solution that helps to follow a healthy routine for the patient and prepares to control this routine for the rest of his life so that over time he becomes an indispensable daily routine, that is, the stomach balloon is an auxiliary factor and not a basis for reducing obesity and effective in helping the patient change the bad lifestyle that many Obese patients such as eating in large quantities without sufficient awareness of their effects in the long term.

* The most common habits of obesity patients wrong:

– Do not exercise regularly or exercise daily.
– Eating before bedtime.
– Binge eating.
The importance of the balloon in helping the obese patient to change the lifestyle in full in the long term and not only the length of stay in the stomach, which does not exceed the year.

* Method of entering the stomach balloon:

– A diagnostic endoscope is performed before inserting the balloon to ensure that there are no stomach problems such as ulcers or pulmonary embolism.
– The doctor uses a local anesthetic, such as a sprayer inside the throat during the entry and exit of the endoscope.
– The balloon is installed only in minutes.
– It should be used for pregnant women in the first three months of pregnancy and this to reduce the acquisition of overweight during pregnancy and treatment of obesity with reference to consult gynecologist and obstetrics.

* How to extract stomach balloon:

The balloon is then aspirated to the end of the balloon. The balloon may last for a year or more. It is expected that vomiting, colic and stomach cramps will occur in the first week after the balloon is removed just as it was initially placed. These symptoms are overcome with drugs By the doctor.

* The most important reasons for using the balloon:

– Cases of patients with obesity, especially those who devour large amounts of food.
Parents and their children with obese children need to eat large quantities of food even if they feel full but they are wrong because they are young and need to accuse large amounts of food to build their bodies, which are considered bad habits and dangerous because over time they gain weight and lose the ability to recognize fullness and get used to This style of eating.
– Help in the coordination of textures and redistribution of fat.
– Cases of obese patients who suffer from asthma.
– To control the patient’s appetite.

* What are the characteristics of the stomach balloon?

– It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to help in weight loss with dieting.
– Recommended for people with increased weight but not significantly.
– Contributes to weight loss of 15 – 40 kg.
– Reduce the period of dieting and strict food systems and replace them with a balanced healthy food protein.
– Safe surgical procedure.
– Control the control of sugar level for diabetics.
Control of high cholesterol.
– Ease of operation where it is done through a telescope and takes a period of five minutes.
– The use of local anesthesia where the patient does not need a complete penis.
– The patient leaves the hospital in less than half an hour.
– A stomach balloon is a powerful adjunct to reducing appetite, small stomach size and weight loss.
– Side effects of the process of vomiting and contractions end after a few days.
– Used at all ages and suitable for children with obesity.

* Many wonder about using balloon as an alternative to obesity surgery?

– Definitely not considered a balloon stomach alternative to surgery, obesity, but only an assistant, especially with the followers of dieting and healthy diets.
– Also shows the importance of balloon stomach in the case of patient preparation for obesity surgery.
– The degree of weight loss with the use of balloon stomach according to the quality of food consumed by the patient and may reach the degree of weight loss at the highest rates to 40 kg.

* Balloon types:

The balloon is of the highest quality and good for 6 months to a year. It is not recommended for Chinese balloon because it is the cheapest species, cheaper in the cost and cause several complications and problems in the stomach.

• Orbira: the most common and used in most countries of the world, is a balloon is inserted into the stomach using an oral microscope, and then filled with a catheter with a saline solution with the addition of some drops of blue dye as a sign of the lack of validity of the balloon if the patient Infusion of this blue dye.

• Opalone: ​​It is inserted into the stomach through small capsules that are monitored by X-rays and then filled with nitrogen gas.

• Ribship: It is a type similar to Orbira in the way it is introduced, the material that is filled with the balloon, and also the number of kilograms lost.

* Results of the stomach balloon:

– The stomach balloon results in a wonderful and very strong if the patient has the appropriate obesity, and the skill of the doctor in the diagnosis of the condition of the patient and know the suitability of the balloon process prepared for him or not.
– Fit stomach balloon patients with obesity, especially those who have the determination and ability to maintain their weight even after the extraction of the balloon.
– Highly suitable and helps to reduce the weight of the patient who can not perform surgery under the influence of the drug and has an excessive weight affects the health and causes him a lot of common diseases such as heart, pressure and sugar.
– It is not suitable for patients who have excessive obesity as they do not achieve the desired results, but is a gastric bypass surgery is the best solution for them.
– It is not suitable for obese patients who like to eat sugars such as sweets and drinking soft drinks, but the conversion of the stomach is more appropriate for them.

* The most important questions asked by the patient:

Can I return the balloon again?

Certainly, the patient can do it again and some doctors would prefer to take a period of recovery for a month and then return to install the balloon again.

What weight should the patient lose during the installation of the stomach balloon?

From 15 to 40 kg according to the determination and desire of the patient during the six months to a year, because the wheel is not useful to prevent the occurrence of tics of the body.

* Balloon is not recommended in the following cases:

– With sugar lovers and called Sweat eaters for the ineffectiveness of the balloon to lose weight with them.

– With patients with gastric ulcers – Fatigue diaphragm – stomach cramps.

– With those who have undergone obesity surgery such as punching, turning the path or stapling the stomach.

– Sufferers of hypothyroidism where the balloon works to prevent weight loss and therefore recommend doctors first.

* There are some tips to follow after you make the stomach balloon:

– Exercise on a daily basis but not at the beginning of the process you need to rest.

– Drink water in large quantities.

– Away from physical exertion violently.

– Eat slowly and chew well.

– Change your health and nutrition habits with foods that are full of protein and distance about foods saturated with fat.

– Eating must be crushed or soft until easily digested.

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