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Ways to get rid of excess body hair is very annoying, suffer from many women, and remove it by traditional methods cause a lot of fatigue, you certainly suffer from excessive effort and waste a lot of time to remove a large area of ​​hair excess and this is not suitable for the era of technology and speed and time constraints It shows you by default in one of your duties, in addition to the pain associated with hair removal.

  • How to get rid of excess hair in the body?

Traditional hair removal methods:

Hair removal method requires that the appropriate time should be set for the hair to be of sufficient length to be removed by traditional methods:

Suweet: is a paste or paste made of sugar, water and lemon, which is glued to the body and then removed quickly. It is characterized as a deodorant for the skin and dead cells in the body and gives lightening and softness of the skin, but it may cause the sensitivity of the skin and the emergence of flaming pills or sagging the skin due to excessive tensile.

– Wax: There is no doubt that the hot wax is available in several forms these days (paste or stretchable ribbons that heat the wax material and extend it to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then put a bar above the wax material and in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Razors: The problems of the emergence of hair under the skin and the most important caused by the neglect of skin peeling and moisturizing because the dryness of the skin and lack of moisturizing makes it crack, leading to the growth of bristles under the skin layer.

– The use of hair removal creams leads to darkening of the skin as it is useless because the hair soon begins to reappear after two or three days, usually not recommended because it contains chemicals that do not pick up the hair from the root but only bombard it. Remove a small piece of hand hair and wait for results.

Electroplating machine: It is quick and provides a lot of time effort as well as removing hair from the roots and the possibility of short hair removal, but may show some problems after use such as growth of hair under the skin.

Remove hair by thread: It is more suitable for the area of ​​the face and eyebrows only Put the thread on the area to be removed and drawn in your hands in the opposite movements to take the hair with each movement.

Tensile operation: The most ancient way to remove hair, which is very painful, often causes inflammation and scars, as well as the growth of hair under the skin, may be a good option when removing hair from areas of low density, such as excess hair of the face and mustache, By hand or spatula.

* It is recommended to stay away from traditional methods when removing facial hair because it is very sensitive and the possibility of scars is very high so it is possible to use the olive oil soap mask is soap grated olive oil + a handful of coarse salt + a little rose water and then mix ingredients until it becomes paste and placed on Facial for half an hour until the facial hair completely disappears.

  • Methods of reducing pain when traditional hair removal:

– The pain associated with traditional hair removal can be alleviated by passing a piece of ice on the area where the hair is to be removed.

Anesthetics: use local anesthetic before hair removal, and placed on the area for between 15-30 minutes, and then remove hair without feeling pain.

* Everyone turns to laser hair removal, where laser is one of the successful cosmetic methods that help to get rid of hair permanently by the most skilled doctors of cosmetic medicine.

Hence the importance of talking about the technology of laser hair removal, which has become common among many women and girls, where they can remove the hair full of the whole body safely and effectively.

Laser Hair Removal


It treats all areas of unwanted hair in the body and is the least painful way to remove hair, laser hair removal has become more common among women because it is a convenient and safe solution to remove unwanted hair.

Farewell to long hours of effort and pain. Cosmetic medical progress offers you comfort and time, but it is cost-effective in comparison with traditional methods. However, it is worth investing in for its effectiveness in achieving the best results without pain.

  • What is laser hair removal?

Laser is an effective, safe, long-lasting, and time-saving treatment compared to traditional hair removal methods. It is the concentrated light that is shed on the hair follicle to be completely eliminated. The laser also destroys the hair follicles. By targeting the melanin dye found in the bulb.

  • How does laser work?

– When laser beams are shed on the hair, the rays pass through the hair shaft to the pigment cells in the bulb, eliminating them and preventing hair growth for a long time.

– Does not have any harmful effect on skin layers.

– Laser can be used in any area of ​​the body suffer from excessive hair, but it affects only the hair follicles mature and effective.

– During each laser treatment session, 15-30% of the hair is eliminated in one session. Most cases require several sessions at a rate of one session per month until the other follicles mature. After 6-8 sessions, 85-90% of the hair has disappeared. The remaining color is lighter and less thick.

– The laser sends light strokes from the rays across the skin layers to the hair follicles during its growth it is necessary to undergo repeated treatment sessions to eliminate excess hair about 90% of unwanted hair.

– In addition to decreasing the density of hair after several sessions at different intervals and depends on the effectiveness of this method on the density of hair in the area to be treated and the degree of hair growth, the thicker the poetry the better the results and therefore the treatment is more effectiveFor ​​people with black hair or dark, because it contains a higher proportion of melanin, which absorbs light more.

* Those who have light or blond hair need more sessions to reach the desired result, taking into account that the laser is not suitable for white hair because there is no pigment in it.

  • Areas where we use laser to remove unwanted hair:
    The laser can be used for all areas of the body without exception, and the thicker and blacker the hair, the greater the interest. The areas may be: armpits, legs, hands, chest, back and face, and also women who suffer from hormonal disorder and the resulting increase in germination Hair in masculine places such as the chin, the nose and the lower abdomen, the laser can remove these areas.

Sensitive area: Laser is the best way to remove sensitive area hair, because it is safe and very easy, and the advantages of laser you completely eliminate the need to remove hair.

  • What precautions should be taken before starting a laser procedure?

    – Hair should be removed from the place where the laser will be exposed by the blade 24 hours before the session.- Ensure that the skin and body are free from skin diseases or fungal or bacterial infections.

– If there are browns in the skin because of the sun, it must wait at least a month before the start of sessions in order to restore the skin color.

– Perform blood tests and all tests determined by the doctor.

– Hormone analysis for women with excess hair that grows intensely and satisfactorily. If there is an increase in male hormones, we should begin to treat hormonal disorders such as thyroid diseases, and then do laser hair removal sessions later.

  • Questions about the best lasers for hair removal:

    There is no best but the most appropriate for each case and each type of skin and nature of the body because the specific factor for the use of a device on the other is the density of hair and color and thickness and this varies from person to person and here comes the importance of knowledge of the types of devices and features to be aware of the choice of the most appropriate doctor and cosmetic clinics.* Laser hair removal process is successful and effectively to get rid of hair by 90%
  • Laser hair removal guidelines:– After the laser you may need to use creams and moisturizers to absorb excess heat from the body and skin.

– Avoid exposure to treated areas of the sun and the use of sunscreen repeatedly for several months.

– Avoid plucking and tightening hair, prickling, hair removal with power machines, blades or wax until the next session.

– Continue treatment until hair growth stops.

The importance of choosing cosmetic medicine clinics carefully, checking the history and skill of doctors, the efficiency of the laser equipment used, your choice of clinic, beauty center, dermatologist who will perform laser sessions, reliable clinics and expert doctors all take all precautions.

Turkey is one of the first and most advanced countries in the process of hair removal and hair transplantation based on the latest medical technology. It also specializes in modern techniques on the latest laser devices to treat all skin and body problems, hair removal and scars of the skin. Turkey is the first of its kind.

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