For a long time, lips were full of beauty and attractiveness and most women wished and wanted to get
On Shavev is full and attractive
This is in addition to the area of ​​mouth is one of the most important areas that are focused on the attention of some people
And get full lips reflected in the form of a smile gives an attraction, which earns the owner more confidence in the self
Feller Al-Shifaif:
Is a process through which the spaces between the cells of the lips are filled with some materials that differ from each other in use and are shared
In being a donor to the lips a young appearance
It is believed among the public that Filler is the name of the substance used in the injection process
This talk is not very correct because the process itself is called Feller with some variation in the names and combinations of materials used in injections

Injection of self-fat:
It is rare to inject self-fat in lips if only accompanied by other cosmetic procedures and the amount of fat injected
In the lips too small and also undergo the process of suction the previous fat increases the difficulty and cost of the process
The only benefit is increased safety
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