Face lift is the most effective way to remove wrinkles and slack in the face caused by progress in the poison
The skin is lifted from the face and the skin is adjusted smoothly on the face
The facelift is one of the most common operations of the head and neck
The first tug-of-war was introduced in Poland in 1901. All methods of surgery have developed over the years
The face is tightened in cases
To treat skin layers in the external face during the process
The failure of the method may be demonstrated aesthetically immediately after the procedure
The face looked abnormally out of shape
In the long run, there is a sagging of the facial skin after a very short procedure
These lessons from this surgical method to the fact that face-lift can not be done only through the treatment of external skin layers
The reason for this is skin elasticity and because the competency of skin elasticity varies from people it should include any successful face lift to some treatment
Muscular dystrophy also
Before the face lift, the entire hair is pulled back by a rubber band and some of the cones near the crevices are removed
The surgeon starts the slit from above the neck and tightens some of the muscles and loose tissue to remove the excess fat
The deep layers of the tissue are then pulled and the excess skin is pulled up and pulled to the ear and discarded.
To protect the whole area
The facelift differs from one patient to another. Most people have had a face-lift in their lives once
A second operation took place six or 17 years later