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What is hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation technique (FUE):

It is one of the most successful methods of hair transplantation and is the best at all where the bulbs are extracted from the back area of ​​the head and cultivated in the area
Baldness is the process under local anesthesia
The process of hair transplantation towards the growth of natural hair and the appearance of natural and return the patient to exercise his natural life within two days after planting
Before hair transplantation process:

The posterior area of ​​the head is examined to check the strength of the follicles and the presence of a lot of hair, called the donor area, when the presence of sufficient follicles
Where the donor area is not affected and remains well-populated

Also, the blood of the patient is examined for the patient. The patient suffers from any disease
After the examination and make sure that the patient is in good condition from the state of health and start from the stage of preparation for the process where the shaving of the patient
With a length of 2 mm and wash the hair with a special shampoo and then it is in her pee move the patient to the operating room and draw the front line of the hair as desired by the patient
The objective anesthesia is then performed to extract the bulbs and is placed in a special liquid to be implanted in the channels that are opened in the area of ​​one baldness
One after the other, this operation is performed without the patient watching the TV during the operation
Post Process:
The patient can return to normal life after the operation with caution when sitting and standing from the head injury somewhere
The patient must sleep lying on his back and not bend his head a lot when surfing the mobile phone or computer for three days
After the operation one day the area is washed after planting a special cream and leave this cream for 30 to 45 minutes and then washed with special shampoo
The washing process must be repeated for 10 days in the same manner until the head is removed from the crust as a result of feeding

The implanted hair falls after about a month of cultivation and begins to grow after about three months and the patient receives initial results after six months
After about nine months, the result is clearer and after one year the final results of the hair transplant process will be made

Here is what is characterized by hair transplantation method:

There are no lesions, traces or voids in the donor area
No trace is left in the cultivated area
The process lasts for a lifetime because the hair follicles taken from the lower part are resistant to baldness and are different from the rest of the head