Injection of fat
Although autologous liposuction has been discovered since the early years of the 19th century to treat and repair defects and facial malformations after accidents, it has spread over the past few years in a wide and very fast manner

So that it became the number one cosmetic surgery in the world – followed by breast augmentation and rhinoplasty process – because of its many advantages and benefits as well as the ease of this surgery and the scarcity of complications associated with it and its full safety

Before we learn more about self-fat injection, we need to know why it is called “self”. This is because it is extracted from the human body and re-injected and distributed in other areas of the body, and can not be the process of transferring fat from one person to another No way

The percentage of fat in the human body varies from person to person and the percentage of body fat is a measure of the level of obesity, the proportion of fat in the body of women than the body of men because of the requirements of pregnancy and because of other hormonal functions

Extract the fat to re-inject

One of the most important features of the process of fat injection is that the body fat is redistributed from an aesthetic perspective, where the fat is extracted and extracted from areas of the body that suffer from local obesity and fat accumulation, and then re-injected in other areas suffering from thinness and atrophy and to increase the size of areas that are transferred And inject the fat into it

This is done in one surgery after extracting the fat is filtered and sedimentation in a completely sterile manner and then may be added to some substances that increase the vitality of fat, and then injected into the required areas

It is possible and possible to extract fat from any area of ​​the human body, depending on the basis of the desire of the person who will be surgery in consultation with the doctor of plastic surgery, and the most famous places: local areas of obesity in the abdomen and thighs, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, chest and others

The place of injection of fat is also based on the patient’s desire in the first place, and the most famous places: face, buttocks and others

Injection of facial fat
The technique of facial fat injection is used in the treatment of many skin problems. It has been proven successful in the treatment of wrinkles around the nose, upper and lower mouth, forehead and around the eyes, as well as in the treatment of acne scars and scars of the face and for treatment of lipid atrophy and to compensate for its thinness.

Injection of fat in the breast
Many women fear salt fillings and silicone fillings to enlarge their breasts for many reasons, including concerns about the need to replace the fillings after several years, especially salt fillings, or what may be accompanied by medical problems, including exposure to inflammation or move from place or inappropriate for the body

Some women also avoid the effect of surgical scar to insert the filling. Some women prefer to resort to injecting artificial fillings such as macrolin and vareoderm. The problem is expensive and does not last more than two years. The injection of natural substances, which is the natural fat in the breast, is the best natural alternative but does not cause A large increase in chest size as expected from breast fillings, and some of the fat cells are soluble during the first month, which sometimes requires resorting to re-fill