The process of beautification of the buttocks either the patient’s desire to enlarge or reshape the primary area is the muscle buttocks
One of the following three methods:
Liposuction in the case of necessity and zooming through the vaccination of small fat and the last method is the cultivation of the kidneys
The three methods can be used together to achieve the strongest possible result and can also be included by tightening and tightening or the removal of the skin and in the same way to process chest beautification
The beautification of the buttocks is one of the most widespread operations in our time
The area of ​​the buttocks draws great attention from the media in the present time, which improved the patients’ request to restore the shape of the buttocks, either enlarged or corrected
Or minimized
As well as the growing popularity of obesity treatments and weight loss programs, as well as the increased demand for treatments
Restructuring the body especially the buttocks
Also, any discussion about plastic surgery in any country is not complete
Without an in-depth look at the aesthetics of the buttocks
This is the request of many ladies nowadays to reshape the buttocks and increase some places
For example and attractive appearance