Hollywood Smile
It is a paste or a small piece of fish in the color of teeth and is often placed on the face exiting the upper teeth and front
These adhesives change the color of the teeth or size and aim to improve the shape of the teeth and the appearance of the smile

A cosmetic patch can be made from porcelain or from a white filling made of porcelain, which is better because it is resistant to spots better and can
To reflect serenity better as natural teeth
You must take a date from the Magic Astic Health Center and consult with the medical team to find out the appropriate crust for you

The first time dentist will analyze your teeth and this is the beginning and then take all the records of the jaw and shape of the face
And photos
Upper and lower jaw models, color of teeth and panoramas, and your request will be evaluated
The temporary patch is then done on the pre-measured models and a general opinion is formed about the final condition of the teeth
The doctor also displays the final dental view available to you on your computer using special imaging software