Who are the candidates for tummy tuck??

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) aims to tighten the muscle mass in the abdomen and remove excess fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen. Usually, women are most in need of this process, where repeated pregnancy and severe fluctuations in weight, both increase or decrease to the abdomen with soft... more

Is liposuction an alternative to weight loss??

Liposuction is not an alternative way to lose weight that is not reduced by dieting. This process is not done to reduce weight, but to remove intractable fatty areas that are not responsive to diet and exercise, to change and improve the body’s appearance not to lose weight. The problem... more

What are the side effects after body sculpting??

The process of carving the body for hundreds of thousands of cases without the occurrence of side effects or complications, but the proportion feels some minor pain and possible and swelling, which disappear within hours after the operation, it is not an operation in addition to the amount of fluid... more

What are the risks of cosmetic surgery??

Including any surgical procedure, however small the possibility of complications. However, these risks are very acceptable if you choose the appropriate surgeon and the center of good and follow the instructions of the doctor given after the operation and follow-up with the medical adviser.

When will the results of the body sculpting process appear??

You can observe the result immediately after the operation during the first day and with the passage of time and the disappearance of the exercises and the full recovery shows the improvement gradually gradually within two weeks until reaching the final result after almost three months.

How reliable are we in Turkey??

Our center is the owner of many credits in Turkey. We have accreditation from the Turkish Ministry of Health and also the European Board to our doctors in clinics, and the degree of our accreditation is one of the most important qualities we always want to upgrade the services with... more

Who is the ideal candidate for breast lift? Does breast augmentation affect pregnancy and lactation??

Breast lift surgery involves women over the age of 18 years who have a thinning of the skin or a smaller breast size than in the past. The woman who is intending to have a breast lift should not undergo a weight loss diet. Breast surgery is recommended after pregnancy... more

Why is it always advisable to always deal with Magic Aesthetic??

Because our center has many experiences in the field of cosmetics as the medical team holds many international and local medical certificates in the field of plastic surgery and has great experience in the field where the contact with the person and the medical consultant constantly to reach the highest... more

What is the cutaneous nose and cartilage nose??

The name of the nose is called the nose, which has thick skin and cartilage at the bottom, but if the nose has thin skin and cartilage strong called the nose cartilage in view of the current techniques of plastic surgery, they often repair cartilage and bones without any procedure... more

When can I make makeup after a face lift??

On the fifteenth day you can put a full makeup and you can put special makeup to cover the deposits of the process that will disappear over time, and can be shampooed hair after three days of stitches surgery where you should get moisture, and this helps in the process... more

How long do face-lift results last??

This process to improve the current appearance but will not stop the aging process depending on how self-care process results continue from 5 to 10 years. In a very small number of rapidly aging patients you may want another operation in less than 5 years and on the other hand,... more

What is the right age for a rhinoplasty??

However, from a practical point of view, girls aged 14 and younger at the age of 16 can undergo cosmetic surgery on the condition of their parents’ consent. The maximum limit for rhinoplasty is 60 years. The presence of any internal disease or health problem.