About us

About us

Magic Aesthetic is an integrated medical center working in all areas of cosmetics in Turkey and based in Istanbul, all are used
Modern technologies in our own hospitals and we have many experiences since all our experiences in the last 5 years
Our best services are provided and we have very high confidence from all our customers around the Arab and European world as well
Our center has many international awards including:
* European Board in plastic surgery
* Turkish Board of Plastic Surgery
* American Board of Plastic Surgery
* Membership of the Turkish Society of Microscopy
* All doctors are accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and some by the World Medical Organization
We have over 200 free daily consultations
All of our consultations are strictly confidential.

We serve more than0Country
We've got0employees at your service
We do more than0Free monthly consultation
We speak more than0International languages
Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at the Magic Aesthetic Center is to provide all modern methods of hair transplantation, tummy tucking, liposuction, and all our services to reach a good goal for our customer. We always strive to develop all our services for the best and best and our message to our clients in the periodic follow up and after the required operation. We have more than one customer service staff who speak more than 7 different languages. Magic Aesthetic  seeks for easy communication and understanding among our customers and reach the highest result of the language of dialogue between our service staff and our customer service staff of all nationalities just Connect with the client in the form and character with linguistic and this we can conclude all inquiries

Our customer service operates around the clock 24/7.

Our vision

Magic Aesthetic is always the goal of dealing with customers in a good way and commitment to health care always and always innovate to improve the level of service day after day and develop all the methods of dealing with them and medical development is always required through us to reach the highest degree of satisfaction of all our customers and the most important to Magic Aesthetic  Is the full credibility and honesty in all ways to upgrade the level of service.

Our vision
More than0dental procedures per month
More than0beautification per month
More than0hair transplantation per month

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