Hair bag or capillary fistula
Is the accumulation of hair falling in a certain area of ​​the patient’s body and often (lower back – navel) –
More men than women between 15 and 30 years of age suffer from thick hair


To avoid the appearance of the hair bag it is recommended to take a daily shower and change clothes to get rid of sweat and falling hair
Shaving the hair with persistent ointments and keeping away from the razor while taking care of skin prone to injury

Symptoms of the hair bag (pain down the back – blood runny – secretions – infections – smelly of bloating)
It is recommended to take antibiotics to treat inflammation and relieve pain, but when the worsening of the disease should be reviewed by the doctor for the process of eradication

The hair bag can be treated with non-surgical methods such as lasers for small hair bag cases and laser hair removal is recommended
Two or three times after the operation with the graft leave a period of two weeks or less between each session to ensure no relapse

In cases of large hair bag surgery is recommended either by binding or eradication
With careful care of the wound and continuous sterilization of the recovery period after the operation to avoid relapse and wound inflammation
Because it remains open for a different period depending on the patient’s condition

The patient can return to normal life and do his daily work after a period of 10 to 12 days of the process, following the advice mentioned earlier