Cultivation of skin

Progress in skin grafts is one of the most important developments in cosmetic medicine, It has helped restore hope and restore the smile and confidence of many victims of burns, congenital malformations, ulcers and chronic diseases.

As the skin is elastic in nature, using the “tissue dilator”, which is a balloon injected with water and salt, and usually takes this technique several weeks or months to provide the necessary skin and the best way is the cultivation of skin from the same person, and thus can remove the body distorted area .

In order for doctors to overcome the deformities caused by burns, the techniques of skin transplantation and extension have been developed. This is done through the cultivation of the so-called “tissue expansion” under the healthy skin in the area adjacent to the deformation site to obtain layers of skin to repair the affected area.

* Best countries for skin development and extension surgery:

This method has been proven to be effective in repairing the damaged part using skin which is similar to the skin characteristics near the deformed area, in addition, it is possible to follow this medical procedure to treat the existing deformities and the effects of burns under the supervision of the best medical doctors in Turkey.

* What is meant by the transplant – skin extension:

The extension of the skin is a technique by which the body can remove the skin or excess skin, so that it can then be used to treat and repair any area of ​​the body due to burns or congenital malformations or chronic disease.

* The role of cosmetic surgery and skin transplantation and extension in the treatment of the effects of deformities and burns?

There is no doubt that cosmetic medicine has recently contributed to the alleviation of the suffering of patients, especially the psychological before the aesthetic, which helps to raise the morale of many and inspire confidence in the patients, where there has been a significant development in recent years, the process of cosmetic deformities and burns achieve good results to correct the part of the body was injured The result of burns or exposure to an accident, warp or deformity includes the repair of the moral defects that are born with man.

Thanks to the progress and development of cosmetic science, repairing many of these defects or injuries is very easy if the doctor is skilled and has modern techniques.

* Idea of ​​skin extension surgery?

This process is done by inserting a silicone balloon under the skin near the desired area to be repaired. This balloon gradually fills the area, leading to skin enlargement and growth. This is usually used as a secondary procedure before some operations, Most notably:

– Breast reconstruction after eradication.
– In cases of removal of large areas of the skin.
– In the treatment of large burns especially in the legs or arms.
– In the development of the skin of the scalp.
– Sickness of diabetic patients.

* The method of extending the skin used for cases that suffer from deep skin damage and difficult to treat by simple means, such as skin peeling creams or laser radiation. This process is carried out in several stages:

First: the injection of liquid substances under the skin affected place, and in close phases that allows the skin to expand according to the size of the area to be treated.

Second: After reaching the required degree of expansion, the patient undergo surgery where the fluid is withdrawn and removed the skin expanded, and in the cosmetic process is the delivery of the two sides of the skin sound with each other, and thus is an effective treatment for cases that suffer from severe deformities of the skin, The person has perfect results through this modern technique.

* Methods of skin transplantation:

One of the most important surgical methods for the treatment of burns is skin grafting is an ancient technique, but still used in the treatment of burns, and is used to improve the external shape by transferring the layers of skin healthy from the area to another area of ​​the same body.

The balloon skin extension technique extends the healthy skin next to the affected area with balloons grown under the proper skin, and injected with water for weeks to get extra skin around the affected area.

A modern surgical method is the technique of implanting self-expanding capsules which helps in the removal of the affected skin by extending the healthy skin around the scar with the capsules of hydrogen implanted under the skin and are automatically absorbed by the absorption of fluids and do not need injection, this technique is used only if there is healthy skin around The affected area.

* What are the conditions that need to extend the skin?

– Cases where the damage extends deeper layers of the skin, those that need the process of extension and cultivation of skin.
– Cases that have undergone the removal of part of the body as a result of cancer tumors, such as breast tumors, and other skin cancer surgery.
– Vitiligo is a useful and effective treatment for Vitiligo. It involves the use of skin cells taken from several parts of the body and transported to the affected area of ​​the skin and is performed under local anesthesia only.
– Cases that have been subjected to burns of the third degree so the best solution is the process of skin transplantation, which works to revive the affected area again.
– After reaching the appropriate degree of expansion, the patient undergo surgery to withdraw the fluid that was pumped and remove the skin expanded, and then the doctor cosmetic surgery to connect the two sides of the skin and is considered an effective treatment for many cases of deformity of the skin.

* Preparations before the process of extension and cultivation of the skin:

– The patient is subjected to a comprehensive examination to determine the doctor and determine the impact of the impact on the layers of the skin, and the integrity of the parts that are located beside the affected parts.
– The doctor will explain to the patient the method of treatment and any mechanisms that will be followed to grow the skin, as well as the expected results after the operation.
– The doctor advised the patient some instructions to avoid complications for the rest of the parts sound, and the most important instructions:

• stop smoking.
• Avoid exposure to sun or heat at home.
• Avoid using antibiotics unless supervised by a doctor.

* Post-implantation instructions – Skin Implantation:

– Keep the area dry and clean.
– Avoid injuries to the affected area.
– Avoid exposing the cultivated area to sunlight and atmospheric factors.
– The results of the process appear after a period of time should get a healthy pink color.
– Follow the doctor’s instructions to remove clothes and care when lifting things and use them carefully.
– Avoid exposing the skin, to excess coldness.
– Maintain the health, health and cleanliness of the skin until the full recovery.
– The patient needs a room without dust, microbes and normal air.

* How is skin extension surgery done?

The process of skin transplantation by the formation and assembly of the skin used in the process of agriculture, depending on the nature of the condition and the size of the injury, the patient is subject to anesthesia. The doctor inserts the silicone balloon under the skin and injects the patient with the saline solution in the silicone balloon that extends the skin.

The new or enlarged skin covers the area of ​​the injury, the surgeon resumes his work by assembling the skin to be implanted to repair the damaged part of the body by connecting the skin tissue in the area of ​​abduction,
Then remove the infected skin tissue and install the new skin tissue place and tailor the surgeon also take care of the affected area and cover well with bandages that cover the wound without friction or sensitivity.

* Advantages of skin transplantation process:

– One of the most important benefits of the new skin from the same skin of the infected person is not to be subjected to rejection of implanted skin, and not to take drugs that help the immune system to accept the body of the new skin to be grown.

– The new skin to be cultivated, is removed from the same person, and therefore accepted by the body automatically and does not consider him a strange member.

– The most important feature of the extension of the skin that they repair the form of damaged skin to a large extent to the shape of the old skin, and may appear minor scars can be subject to the process of embellishment.

* Results of skin transplantation?

– The patient does not need a period of long recovery like the rest of the surgeries, but it takes a period until the body gets used to the new skin and able to regain its vitality gradually.
– The patient can live his life naturally, but it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight.
– Take care to use moisturizing creams and anti-inflammatory.

* The role of plastic surgeon in the success of the process of skin extension?

It is a good practice to choose a doctor who has a doctorate in this type of cosmetic surgery, and preferably also have a global medical certificate such as the American Board, must try to return To the former patients who performed the same type of operation with the same doctor and reassuring them of the degree of competence and skill of the doctor in the performance of the surgery.

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