Cosmetic eyebrow lift


With age, the eyebrows and forehead wobble and facial wrinkles increase
Especially around the eye or at the forehead. Occasionally, transverse lines may appear on the forehead or there may be a lack of parallel between the eyebrows

Which called for cosmetic doctors to find a solution to these cases through the process of lifting eyebrows cosmetic

Through this process, the skin of the forehead is under the influence of total anesthesia and muscle and tissue modification and remove the signs of aging
And lift the eyebrow to the correct position and then the doctor remove the excess skin process may take from one hour to an hour and a half
The patient spends a week’s recuperation in the hospital to be sure of the initial results
But the final results may need several months to appear until the disappearance of the effects of the process and recommended the use of cool compresses on the eyes in the 24 hours following the process to reduce swelling and pain