The size of the chin is consistent with the size and dimensions of the face to give the fullest smooth appearance of the face.

Causes of cosmetic surgery of chin shape:

– If the size of the chin is large or very small, it may be caused by the man’s dissatisfaction that his face is inconsistent.
– It is sometimes necessary to undergo medical surgery if it is caused by deformation of the jaw position, which leads the person to undergo cosmetic surgery because of the volume of psychological pressure controlling them.

* Chin bones are formed until they reach the right shape
Perfect for chin:

By breaking the bone and moving the question forward or down and then fix it with a titanium slide.

* Chin implants:

Chin fillings are performed by making a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin.

* How to do a plastic surgery and enlarge the size of the chin?

This is done by making a incision either in the bottom of the chin or inside the mouth in the area between the gums and lower lip and then the doctor to create a vacuum between the skin to provide the area with a fill made of material very similar to the tissues located in the chin area, which have multiple shapes and sizes to be consistent With the patient’s face easily.

* Surgery can be performed by a incision in the chin, which the surgeon then beautifies.
Or by making an incision inside the mouth is not visible and does not cause any problems for the patient.

Double chin surgery

The double chin is the accumulation of fat in the neck, which gives a sense of inconsistency in the shape of the face and neck and gives the suggestion of the presence of two minds overlapping on top of each other.

Causes of double chin:

– Increased weight gain from the accumulation of fat under the chin and upper neck area.
– sometimes due to problems in the lower jaw.
– may occur as a result of aging.

* Beautification and treatment of double chin problem:

By adjusting the shape of the chin through the suction of excess fat, for example, it is in an invisible way by making openings behind the ear and in the folds of the neck.

* Instructions after surgery:

Avoid exposing the chin area to collide for at least 8 weeks after the operation
Stay away from any exercise during this period.