Hydra-facial Technology

Women always want to pamper themselves and this starts from the care and moisturizing the skin and revitalize and shine them, which is one of the most important signs of beauty and freshness of the face, beauty experts and doctors of plastic surgery in Turkey recommended Hydra-Facial technology, which increases the brightness and gloss and improve color and touch and ability to clean the skin deeply and remove Any deposits and dirt increase your skin vitality and radiance.

Hydra-Facial: is a breakthrough in the world of non-surgical cosmetic medicine and is one of the latest technologies in the field of cosmetics. It is characterized by its ability to regenerate cells and moisturize the deeper layers of the skin, which shows the freshness and smoothness of the skin. As well as clean and moisturize the skin.

* The most important reasons for the spread of the latest technology for skin Hydra-Facial:

Where many women wonder about the causes of skin pallor in addition to exhaustion always, but may be due to several reasons, including:

– Review your daily habits: Do you remove makeup before bedtime or not? Do you get enough sleep or not? These factors may be the main cause of your loss of natural maturity.

– Perform tests to determine the lack of iron and anemia that often expose your skin to yellowing.

– Sleep without cleaning and moisturizing the skin!
Sleeping without moisturizing the skin is very harmful to the skin in the long term, The skin automatically renews its cells, repairs sleep damage and releases natural collagen for the skin, Moisturizing helps protect the skin from dehydration and prevent premature aging from wrinkles and expressive lines forming at an early age.

– Do not care to close the pores after cleaning the skin!
One of the most important steps after cleansing the skin is to close the open pores, because cleaning the skin leaves the pores open so that you are exposed to pollution, so before you put the moisturizing cream you should wipe your face and neck in toner to close the pores, may be water and rose, and then a cotton of this liquid and wipe it Face and neck well.
The most important benefits of the toner is the elimination of fatty secretions that cause a lot of skin problems for you, like the appearance of pimples and acne, so it is useful to fight oils and get rid of skin impurities.

– More moisturizing especially if your skin is dry, it is useful to provide adequate moisture, which protects from premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles in a short period, so use daily to get rid of dry skin problems and enjoy the wonderful view and magic, Cosmetic methods to moisturize the skin.

* Hydra-Facial device features?

– Clean the pores of the blackheads.

– Help skin skin to get rid of oxidation.

– Remove dead skin and impurities in addition to cleaning and moisturizing the skin at the same time.

– Deeply cleans cells and stimulates the building of new cells after disposal of dead skin.

– It is a non-surgical method, has no damage, and provides the characteristics of cleaning, moisturizing and removing stains and dirt.

– Hyaluronic Acid is a basic material for all skin types to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This material increases skin elasticity, moisturizing and smoothness of the skin.

– The award-winning hydra-shell technology for the skin’s moisturizing effect to beautify the facial complexion is the ideal treatment for moisturizing skin because it helps promote the production of natural skin collagen.

– Moisturizing is the basis for a healthy and pure skin, because dryness of the skin is increasing the signs of aging, so the Hydra-Facial device is an effective treatment for dry skin and get the skin moisturizing required for balance and freshness.

* Suitable for all skin types:

This device is designed to suit all skin types, and is very suitable for the solution of dry skin and to get rid of acne for the owners of oily and mixed skin, so that the most sensitive skin types can tolerate the treatment of this device, the doctor can mix different materials in accordance with the type and condition of your skin , The specialist will perform the sensitivity test.

* Duration of the session:

taking less than 15 minutes and not causing any sensitivity or complications.

* How to use the Hydra-Facial technique?

First: the skin is peeled off by the hydra-shampoo, cleans the skin well and contains elements that help penetrate the skin and clean the skin beginning with the outer layer of the skin to remove dust and dirt.

Second: Hyaluronic Acid Serum is used to stimulate the skin and tighten the wrinkles and early wrinkles and massage the skin after exposure to steam to open the pores and treat the skin tired in a short time without the occurrence of redness or sensitivity.

Third: Treatment of pigmentation of the skin and dark areas and uniformity of skin color.

Fourth: rejuvenates the skin by deep moisturizing of skin cells and is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive skin types.

What are the expected results? How many sessions do I need to get the result? And how long will it remain?

The results of sessions often show a pure and balanced skin immediately after the first session, The results of freshness and moisturizing may last for a week and sometimes more after the session, Six sessions are recommended over a period of 6 weeks per session per week to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and appearance.

* Results of using Hydra-Facial?

– Treatment of skin pigmentation.
– Getting rid of ” acne vulgaris ”
– Helps to unify skin color.
– Very effective in the treatment of early simple wrinkles on oily skin.
– Absorbs the wide pores of oily skin, and helps in alleviating the effects of fatty and acne.

* The benefits of deep cleansing of the skin?

Cleaning the skin daily with traditional methods, such as washing with soap and water does not benefit the skin and does not give the desired results every woman interested in beauty and attractiveness, the process of cleaning the skin medically is the need to reach the deepest layers of skin and difficult to penetrate traditional cleaning.

* During medical cleaning (hydra-Facial technique):

– Exposure of facial skin to steam for sterilization and disposal of dust and bacteria.
– Use materials suitable for the nature of each skin and the sensitivity of the skin type.
– The doctor massage that renews the cells and stimulates the skin to produce collagen and eliminate blackheads.

* Is it recommended that a specific protein after the sessions of cleaning and moisturizing the skin with Hydra-Facial?

Yes, the doctor after taking the technique of Hydra-Facial to follow a special routine for the skin until it appears in a good image.

* Skin care guidelines After the Hydra-Facial :

– Commitment to the daily routine set by the doctor.
– You should wait at least 24 hours before making make-up after the Hydra-Facial technique.
– Avoid exposure to sunlight immediately after the operation, and use a suitable protection cream from the sun.
– Taking care of the cream of the day and cream of the night after cleaning the skin for more freshness and moisturizing and thus longer life for young skin.
– The use of high quality products before and after the session strengthens and prolongs the results and reduces the likelihood of the emergence of skin problems.
– Interest in the use of natural skin care products that contain vitamins and supplements.

* Where can Hydra-Facial sessions take place to moisturize the face? What are the best countries in modern technology?

Istanbul – Turkey is one of the best cities in which major hospitals and cosmetic medicine centers are located for the latest medical technology, Cosmetic surgery in Turkey has become one of the best in the world, Their specialization in each branch of cosmetic medicine.

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