Stomach Stapling

* Stomach Stapling :

It is considered one of the oldest surgeries that contribute to the reduction of overweight and treatment of the problem of obesity very effectively and reduce the potential complications if not treated, and is intended to staple the stomach is to reduce the size of the stomach and does not fit the process categories of eating sugars and gaseous water, but recommended by those who eat large amounts of Carbohydrates.

* Stabilizing the size of the stomach by natural methods:

– Divide the meal into several small meals with adherence to this system as a permanent routine.
– Focus on eating away from watching television or talking to others, and drink a glass of water before the meal in half an hour to eat only half the size of the meal and feel full.
– Eat slowly and enjoy eating without binge or race to eat more food.
– The size of the stomach begins to get used to half the amount of new food and thus reduce and shrink the size of the stomach by half, which contributes to weight loss.

* The disadvantages of traditional stapling of the stomach:

The doctors used one stapler accidentally, which may affect the quality of the stapling process and the patient needs to be stapled again after several years with the possibility of vomiting vomit hyperstimulation.

* The evolution of stapling to modern stapling?

From one stapler to two longitudinal one on the right and the other on the north to staple the modern stomach which is very suitable for people who know Bulky eaters, It is suitable for groups that are physically unable to perform high-cost processes such as toning and trajectory.

* The difference between the process of stapling the stomach for the quantification of the stomach:

In the stapling of the stomach, the weight increases again, and it is also a defect in the presence of vomiting constantly because of a narrow path in the stomach. Many doctors prefer the process of quantification of the effectiveness of the results compared to stapling, where the removal of two thirds of the stomach length by the endoscope, The process is to avoid problems of stapling the stomach such as vomiting and weight gain again.

* What are the advantages of modern stapling of the stomach?

– The safety factor ratio is high.
– The lack of complications and the weakness of the possibility of leaking, which in turn causes negative effects Hence the expertise of the surgeon in reducing the complications that may be difficult to recover from them.
– Helps to lose weight significantly.
– After stapling the stomach, the patient does not want to eat large amounts of food and less appetite because of the weakness of the hunger hormone in the body.

* Does the stomach expand by time after the stapling process?

Yes only happens if the patient is distracted but not much to worry about, unless the patients follow a healthy diet under the supervision of the doctor, in addition to exercise regularly.

* Types of stapling process:

– The stomach strap:

Through the application of a changeable belt through the telescope and the installation of a stomach balloon that controls the size of the stomach, it may be the simplest type of weight loss surgery, but it is not suitable for those who suffer from obesity and requires constant care constantly.

– Vertical stapling:

This procedure helps in losing weight about 50 – 70% of excess weight in the first year after surgery.

– Reduction of longitudinal stomach:

It may be called some of the stomach quantification and the removal of a large part of the size of the stomach up to 25% of the original size of the stomach and leave a small part to reduce the amount of food you eat and the feeling of satiety after a short period, often linked to the stomach and stapling column using Laparoscopy and without work Any surgery for the stomach where these procedures are used several small holes or thin tubes of the stomach.

* Preparation of the process of stapling the stomach:

– The patient must tell the doctor about his / her medical history and perform a full physical examination to ensure that the disease is in good health. You may need to perform a blood analysis or several other tests.

– Your doctor will ask you to fast for 8 hours before performing the procedure.

– In case of pregnancy you should tell your doctor to provide the necessary care for the patient.

– If you have any allergies of certain medications you should tell your doctor.

– If you are taking any medicines, supplements or herbs, you should tell your doctor about them.

– Your doctor may ask you to change your diet several weeks before the stomach staple.

– You may need to take some painkillers before stapling the stomach.

* Who is qualified to perform gastric stapling surgery?

– Individuals who have a BMI greater than 45

– Persons who weigh more than 120 kg for men and women

– People who suffer from diseases such as diabetes, during sleep, heart disease.

* Cost of stomach stapling?

– The cost of the process of stapling the stomach as other gastric reduction surgery is important to use a whole new toolkit for each case of obesity, doctors confirm the need to choose a hospital with great credibility in the selection of surgical instruments, which helps increase the cost of surgery.
– Most medical centers and hospitals use tools designed from plastic and designed for use only once.
– It is recommended to open and use the devices for the first time in front of the patient.
– The tools are a stapler, a device and a telescopic entry port for the importance of safety and efficiency in surgical instruments.
– Based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization and infection control centers in all countries recommends the importance of this, but due to the high cost of the proportion of a lot of medical centers and doctors are not worthy of the honor and safety of the profession of medicine to use more than once even if sterilized because the plastic interact with the heat, but Reuse with more than one case in order to reduce the process and this is happening more in developing countries so it is recommended to deal with centers with the quality of medical technology Turkey is recently one of the best countries to use the latest technologies and availability of medical centers that have a high degree of equipment T meet the international quality standards and good cost when compared to the costs of surgery in America and England.
– The cost varies from one country to another, from one center to another, from the expertise and skill of the doctor to another. The higher the cost, the higher the cost of maintaining the health, and the smaller the value of the process compared to the result obtained by the patient because the problem of obesity may continue with the patient the rest of his life and continue to suffer the effects and complications if not Conduct.
– The results of the process lasts only for a limited period of several months and come back in the stomach and weight gain again, so it is recommended to cut part of the stomach and finally control the amount of food that is absorbed stomach.

* The disadvantages of stomach stapling processes:

– Follow a life-long diet for weight gain after months of operation.
– Trampling in areas that have been exposed to weight loss.
– It is a complicated surgery and therefore difficult to perform other surgeries, including newer stomach cloning or conversion of the twelve.
– There may be leaking after the operation in some cases and the most important precautions are recommended.
– The use of stapler in the surgery only once because repeated use is a common cause of infusion in the process of stapling the stomach.
– The skill of the surgeon is manifested in the treatment of infusion if it occurs.
– The effective way to treat infusion is the endoscopy of the mouth and place the infusion place pin or place an oral pillar for several weeks.
– Patient suffering in the first week after the operation of gases.

* Negative reflections that bother the patient of obesity towards the process of stapling the stomach?

It is possible that the patient will regain weight again, but this possibility is eliminated if a healthy diet is balanced and eating small meals in addition to the basic meals and taking multivitamins recommended by the doctor with the need to exercise life and change the routine of life completely and avoid anxiety and depression As well as potential complications as a vomiting during the first month of the operation.

Patients wonder about the need to undergo surgery again after several years of the first lapel surgery. Studies show that 30% of those who have undergone obesity surgery (such as stomach stapling or mastication) have a tendency to relax the body, while 70% Their lives were organized by exercise.

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