Luminary for teeth

Mouth is the mirror of health because the presence of teeth in good condition contributes to the creation of healthy health and less suffering from stomach problems and digestion of food well and maintaining the aesthetic form of the human gives more confidence and feet to continue the challenges of life.

As well as the teeth like the residential building when the engineer prepares the compartments accurately so that the decorator can coordinate and add the aesthetic form, and before taking care of the external shape of the teeth requires internal care for the health of teeth.

* Because laughter and smile more highlights the yellowing of your teeth, which causes you to shame and embarrassment in front of others, here are the most important reasons yellow teeth:

– External pigments, which are generally caused by factors related to the nature of food and environmental factors surrounding, they lead to change the color of the tooth from the inside.
– Smoking.
– Do not clean the teeth thoroughly by brushing and threading.
– The incidence of some diseases that affect the outer layer of enamel teeth.
– Genetic factors.
– Drink lots of dark drinks such as coffee, tea and rich in caffeine.
– Foods that contain elements of different metals, foods containing iron to dye the teeth in brown, which contains the element of mercury may find the color of the teeth in black.
– Taking drugs and drugs.
– A lot of tools to wash teeth containing the substance (Hexadidine) leads to yellowing teeth.
– Eat foods that contain natural colors such as carrots and beets.
– Many sweets that contain artificial colors.
– Limestone deposits that work on the appearance of the outer layer of teeth darker than the original color.
– The forms of deformation in the teeth multiple, as a small or large size of teeth than the normal rate, when the teeth are small for the size of the jaw are formed spaces between the teeth to the extent that some believe that there are incomplete teeth. And quite the opposite for the large size of teeth, which often causes contagion in teeth and poor dishes and may sometimes lead to the inclusion of some teeth in the inside of the jaw.

All of this hinders a man from getting his smile charming and attractive as Hollywood stars.

* What is meant by Hollywood Smile?

Is the end result that reaches the person and enjoy the teeth of the ideal glamorous beautiful Hollywood stars and requires the presence of all the front teeth, the importance of toothpastes in the form of aesthetic and attractive in his smile and face shape, which emphasizes and enhance self-confidence because the shape of the face and smile of the most things that reflect the personality , The modern era is witnessing a revolution in the field of dental beauty, and the beauty and beauty of teeth are among the most important elements of beauty.

* The latest technology for whitening and beautifying teeth is:

– Phenir and luminaire are what are known as the crust or the lenses of teeth, which is exactly like the lenses of the eyes in the paper and thickness.
– Luminaire is one of the latest technology for teeth whitening without cold, which is a very thin layer of ceramic and paste on the teeth and the thickness of between 0.4 to 0.2.
– The veneer is a very thin crust of porcelain pieces placed on the front surface of the teeth and need to cold from half a millimeter to one millimeter and gives the doctor anesthetic to the patient during its installation.

* The main reasons for using luminaire?

– Those who wish to enjoy the whitening of teeth permanently and this is not available with the procedure of bleaching because it quickly ends after a period of temporary and requires the resumption of each period and in addition to the bleaching of severe pain of the head can take off the patient and resorting to the use of the latest laser whitening techniques, and They want to enjoy a wide smile.

* The most important conditions for the use of luminaire?

– The situation should be appropriate for the application of luminaire in terms of regularity of teeth with each other and be in good condition not have problems such as tooth decay and most important is that all teeth are present and not missing any age.
– The case should be suitable for applying the luminaire in terms of regularity of the teeth with each other as a wall paper placed on the teeth.
– As required by the case, the doctor determines which techniques are appropriate for use:
• Cases that have a lot of teeth defects.
• Contortion of teeth and inconsistencies.
In these cases, it is possible to make an orthodontics or dental technique and to restore parts of the teeth.

* Advantages of using luminaire technology?

– No need to anesthetize the patient.
– Extend teeth if short.
– Repair of dental fractures resulting from accidents.
– No need to cool teeth.
– teeth that change color due to excessive consumption of soft drinks and tea and coffee, which changes the color of teeth over time.
– Cracked teeth are irregular in shape or are consistent with each other.
– Closing the distances between the teeth.
– It is possible for the patient when he wanted to remove the luminaire, he can return to the doctor who removes it because the doctor did not start from the beginning to cut teeth or cold, so they are still in place,
On the other hand, some may be concerned that a thin lens on their teeth will make the eating process difficult, but this is not true because it may actually look thin but it is very strong and of course you will be able to eat whatever you desire because the luminaire is not Removable only by the doctor.

* Installation of luminaire:

Luminaire: A popular technique to improve the appearance of man and smile in general and is a layer of zircon material that does not fade over time, the thickness of very thin and up to 0.3, the same thickness eye contact lenses and placed on the surface of the tooth.

During the first two sessions, the doctor takes the dental measurements and a set of patient’s dental pictures. The second session is where the luminaire strips are installed or glued very easily, bridging the teeth between the teeth and improving the aesthetic shape.

* Many question the validity of luminaire?

The luminaire is based on several factors:

– First: the doctor, where the skill of a dentist is reflected in keeping the luminaire without pigmentation and without tarnishing over time, provided that the doctor is careful to remove it as well as making the surface of the tooth very smooth because the luminaire should appear as well as wallpaper should be the back surface Completely smooth.

– Second: the substance used or the adhesive, where the doctor should be careful to choose good materials as well as composition, should be internationally approved materials and that the luminaire is accredited by the Organization responsible for cosmetic dentistry in the world AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

– Third: the patient where the effectiveness of the luminaire depends on the good use of the patient.

* What is the use of luminaire?

– Any technique if the patient does not improve their use will result in many problems.
– Doctors emphasize the need to care for cleaning because they are medical structures and need care and attention to keep the results that satisfy the patient and keep a longer life without problems.
– Avoid eating nuts and hard foods.
– Use the brush and putty twice at least daily.
– Regular visit to the dentist every three to six months because the daily routine and eating and various foods and tea and coffee causes the pigmentation of teeth.
– Refrain from smoking because it is a bad habit to cause loss of luster and whiteness of the teeth.
– The need to use the medical thread on a daily basis to clean the teeth.

* The best countries famous for dental surgery:

Turkey is famous for its cosmetic dentistry and is filled with the best medical centers for dental surgery and beautification, turkish dental doctors recommend the best techniques for whitening the teeth (luminaire) and the most commonly used materials such as zircon, porcelain and elm-ax, all good materials for teeth,
It is the skilled doctor who chooses the appropriate material for the nature of the situation, hence the doctor must be trusted to do his work as he deems necessary for the patient.

* How long does it take to install a luminaire?

It takes two hours in the clinic or the cosmetic center to paste the ceramic peel. Ceramic crusts take 4 days in the lab to be processed. Some believe that the results of luminaire last a lifetime, but this is only true for 10 to 15 years.

* Dentists’ advice for those who want to experience Luminaire?

– A good smile arises through bright white teeth, which contributes to the improvement of psychological and distance from the narrow and stress resulting from the appearance of bad or unsatisfactory form and development of performance in the work is therefore recommended luminaire technology.
– To ensure the safety of natural teeth and attention to clean and treat their problems and because human health begins with the safety of the mouth and smile is the secret of beauty.
– Avoid eating harsh hard things on teeth.
– Bad habits such as opening the cans by teeth This act expose the lumen of the crust to break because it is sensitive lenses.
– Avoid the pressure on the teeth when tightness and tension.
– Regular visit to a dentist.
– A dentist before the installation of the luminaire to examine the teeth as they need to fill or clean and then apply and installation of the lenses of teeth.
– This shows that the treatment of dental problems such as tooth decay and accumulation of lime and the installation of fillings are first and then proceed with the installation of luminaire for whitening and give the aesthetic appearance.

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