Cosmetic in Turkey

* Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the best countries in the service of cosmetic medicine at the highest level and spread the largest clinics and medical centers and the latest equipment and modern technology, especially in Istanbul, although Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey, but the city of meeting the East with the West, and all the factors of entertainment and passing through The Bosphorus Strait to the places of the nature of the beautiful spread in all Turkish cities.

Each region has its own charm and enjoys a unique beauty from the beginning of the islands of princesses, horses or puppet hill or in the breath of air as you dissolve in the Ottoman stories in the most famous palaces in Istanbul or the bustle of the Grand Market and other features of Turkey, which is the demand of all Arabs and foreigners to visit and enjoy the mixture of European civilization And Eastern.

Many people go to Istanbul for the purpose of leisure tourism and is a good opportunity to undergo cosmetic treatment of Turkey, especially Istanbul, where full of beauty centers, where the best clinics and the best prices compared to the cost of plastic surgery in Europe as well as the expertise of doctors and their skills in the use of technology events Modern Cosmetic Medicine.

* Why is Turkey one of the best countries recently in modern cosmetic medicine?

Turkey has the largest number of healthcare institutions accredited by any country in the world and recognizes Turkey as a competitive and high-tech healthcare destination that treats thousands of foreign and Arab patients each month from Europe and Arab countries, nearly 60 internationally competitive medical schools train thousands of Turkish medical students Foreigners and high standards for doctors ensure successful medical results in a wide range of specialties.

The vibrant atmosphere of Turkey’s urban cities provides a safe and viable environment for patients and their families to relax. Turkey’s geographical location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia allows easy access and short flight times to most destinations in the world.

Turkey is a candidate country by the European Union currently to meet membership standards ensuring high standards and consistent in health care, all accredited Turkish hospitals are equipped with world-class infrastructure and modern technology.

Turkey has almost all major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, Roche and Astra Zenica in Turkey with manufacturing facilities as well as many local manufacturers.

The Turkish government has been interested in developing the medical and cosmetic services sector and supporting it with all possible means so as to maintain the attraction of thousands of tourists annually for medical tourism, which is the demand of the modern era and one of the most important reasons given by modern technology.

* The most important characteristic of cosmetic medicine in Turkey:

Cosmetic surgery depends primarily on the doctor’s skill and experience, and his or her center or beauty clinic.

* How can we choose the right surgeon to put our trust in?

When visiting the most famous beauty centers, doctors find their autobiography such as:

– Winner of many international awards (European Board).
– Member of the Turkish Board of Plastic Surgery.
– Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

* To choose the best doctor in Turkey, this is due to several reasons:

– Ask if the doctor treated patients in the same health condition and did the same surgery before?
– Can he provide you with another patient who can contact him by any means to know his opinion about the operation and Dr.?
– Are there negative opinions about Dr. on Turkish and other websites?
– Is the center in a place suitable for you? Can you travel to Turkey easily? When you go to the doctor, did he treat you as carefully as you would imagine?
– Does the doctor follow up after the operation and give you the necessary guidance?

Cosmetic surgery of any kind is the choice of the appropriate skilled surgeon in his performance, for example: hair transplantation is the most important characteristic is the doctor of your choice, skill, talent and experience in hair transplant doctors vary widely, and the final results also vary, who choose is Who determines how your hair will look for the rest of your life.

Because not all cosmetic centers are able to provide the best service and medical care with the latest technologies and devices that contribute to the success of surgery.

If you do not find a skilled surgeon and have a history and a history of successful operations, we recommend that you go outside your country to get a nose correction, wrinkle removal, eyelid tightening, hair transplantation or teeth properly to ensure Pathological outcomes.

• It is important to know how many years have a doctor worked in plastic surgery?
• How many operations did he have?
• How many operations do you do per day?
• Ensure the quality and efficiency of the beauty center by checking the name of the center on the Internet and forums and make sure the previous experience of plastic surgery of people who dealt with the Center earlier on the Internet.

All these things are important in determining the best Turkish doctor in Turkey for you and it is important to note that there are doctors who are highly competent and not famous.

Turkey has the best group of doctors with expertise in hair and dental implants and all cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for the rest of the body, and the cost of hair or dental implants in Turkey is very suitable. Turkey is also attracted to many customers because of the ease of obtaining and entering the visa. Medical facilities provide a special place to stay in high specifications and prices appropriate, and make it easy for customers to book airline tickets and provide discounts on tickets sometimes, and provide translation and guidance services and accompany translators during the stay, and provide them with tours and treatment trips Entertainment in many Turkish cities.

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